The Beach Klub at Koru Village's pool area and upper deck during sunset before a music by the beach concert.

Our exclusive Beach Klub pool is for our Avon by the Sea guests. Enjoy access by staying at our RV Resort, Avon by the Sea.

The Avon Pier on a sunny day in Avon North Carolina.

We strive to give our community and visitors a place to play and relax! Enjoy our events, oceanfront concerts, organic spa, Avon Fishing Pier, and Kavon Park.

The front of Pangea Tavern restaurant showing its signs, menu board, string lighting, and palm tree decorations.

Pangea Tavern

Pangea Tavern, where friends and family gather. 

Frequent live music, delicious cuisine, and a fun atmosphere makes Pangea Tavern the place to be.

Pangea Tavern's bar full of patrons enjoying food and drinks while being served by our friendly bartender.

At Pangea Tavern, we bring all of the elements together. We invite you to taste our artfully created global and local cuisine in a fun & eclectic atmosphere. At Pangea Tavern, we strive to create a menu that has something for everyone. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, are seeking fresh seafood, or enjoy it all, we have something for you and your party! Our amazing staff is excited to serve you and your group with friendly southern hospitality and warm smiles. 

We cannot wait to see you at Pangea Tavern.

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