The Beach Klub at Koru Village's pool area and upper deck during sunset before a music by the beach concert.

Our exclusive Beach Klub pool is for our Avon by the Sea guests. Enjoy access by staying at our RV Resort, Avon by the Sea.

The Avon Pier on a sunny day in Avon North Carolina.

We strive to give our community and visitors a place to play and relax! Enjoy our events, oceanfront concerts, organic spa, Avon Fishing Pier, and Kavon Park.


It's Thursday night, the sun is melting it's way into the Pamlico Sound and you can smell the sweetness of summer in the air.  You rinse the sand off of your toes after a long walk by the sea with the one you love.  As you shuffle along, barefooted you find yourself with a cold craft beer in your hand, dancing the night away to your favorite song. All of your friends are there, and even more people who are soon to become friends... Just before you all explode into a mutual shout of "encore!", you awaken...
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