The Beach Klub at Koru Village's pool area and upper deck during sunset before a music by the beach concert.

Our exclusive Beach Klub pool is for our Avon by the Sea guests. Enjoy access by staying at our RV Resort, Avon by the Sea.

The Avon Pier on a sunny day in Avon North Carolina.

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Alternate Routes Getaway by Buncearoo- a mini music festival on the way!

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We could all use a weekend getaway? Maybe a place to breathe in some salt air and hear fantastic music with a bunch of friends? That's what The Alternate Routes are planning September 24 & 25 in Avon, NC and they are personally inviting you to come along! Only 240 tickets will be sold in order to keep the weekend super intimate. It is the perfect time of year to clear your head, relax and have some fun before the busy holidays hit. The Alternate Routes have chosen the Outer Banks of North Carolina as the backdrop for their getaway and have invited some of their favorite band and friends to be a part of the weekend’s activities.

Confirmed Artists:

  • The Alternate Routes
  • Nick Fradiani
  • Amy Gerhartz
  • Dave Borne'
  • Meaghan Farrell


If you were there in 2019, then you know. The Alternate Routes Getaway is a weekend away with like minded friends who want to relax, listen to their favorite band and that bands friends jam, collaborate and tell stories. You might even call it a pilgrimage. 

 Here is your AR weekend getaway planning guide:

  • Block these dates on your calendar – September 24-25, 2021

  • Tell work you are planning some R&R or better yet AR & R

  • Book lodging either a local hotel or a whole house

  • Gather your travel buddy or buddies

  • Pack comfortably and think layers for any outside activities

  • Get ready to have some fun!

To learn more about the Alternate Routes Getaway Weekend and purchase tickets to this event visit